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Each year, more than 1.3 billion tonnes of food are lost worldwide in the chain from producer to consumer. This equals more than one-third of the total food production. Dutch consumers discard an estimated 2.5 billion euros’ worth of edible food every year. This adds up to about 340 euros per Dutch household. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if consumers could see the optimum way to store and use a product at the time of purchase?

Or even better: If they could relay information about the (preferred) use back to the producer and distributor so they can take this into account in their product development and logistics planning? This would work to the advantage of the entire chain. An expanded barcode could establish the connection between all the links in the chain and make the circle round.

Guided by this vision, agriMORE has worked in partnership with technology-driven business services supplier DXC Technology, formerly CSC, to develop a cloud solution for all players in the fresh produce chain.

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  • agriMORE developed its chain management application in association with then CSC now DXC Technology, a global leader in the field of technology-enabled business solutions. DXC also monitors the architecture of the agriMORE Platform. The association dates back to 2007. agriMORE has been offered as a cloud service via CSC now DXC since early 2012.

  • Is a specialist in the field of tailor-made software development. In collaboration with agriMORE, it developed the cultivation application and the matching application. The key characteristics of Devinition are young, ambitious, market-orientated, involved, creative and, above all, agile. agriMore has worked with Devinition since 2007.

  • Is a strategic and creative agency based in Amsterdam whose origins lie in the development of Prezi presentations. Following a successful collaboration in which Mr. Prezident adapted the agriMORE concept into a visual story, this line has been carried forward in the development of a visual identity, related website and other communications.

  • Glasshouse Communications helps entrepreneurs and managers to conceive sustainable communications strategies and fulfilling the media mix via storytelling, copywriting, PR, reporting, community management and the application of social media. Transparency is central to all of Glasshouse Communications’ activities.

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agriMORE is pleased to be part of the network economy because we are convinced that only collaboration provides an effective response to the demand for transparency and sustainability in society.

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CSC and agriMORE win EuroCloud Netherlands Award with Strawberry case

Thanks to their strawberry case with the Greenery, CSC en agriMORE were the happy recipients of the EuroCloud Netherlands Award at a festive ceremony on 11th June 2014, at the offices of IBM Netherlands in Amsterdam. Jury chairman Richard Nijhoff described the winners in the category Best Business Case Private Sector as follows: “A very innovative concept with a clear link to the Netherlands.”