agriMORE is an online platform

agriMORE is an online platform that connects all the links in the (fresh) produce chains, from sellers to buyers and vice versa.

The related aim is to achieve transparency, freedom of choice and improved alignment of supply and demand and to promote fair prices through information-sharing.

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Virtual Marketplace

All the links in the fresh produce chains will be brought into contact with each other through a virtual marketplace.

Bringing sellers and buyers into direct contact

This direct contact will make it possible to facilitate a demand-driven chain.

buyers and sellers determine the price together

The seller and buyer can consequently agree quickly on the price and value of the product by sharing information.

Facilitated by existing market players

Existing market players such as retailers and transporters can facilitate value chains so that everyone benefits and value chains are strengthened.

The added value of agriMORE

Facilitates the transition from supply-driven to demand-driven chains.
Closes chains by bringing producers and consumers into direct contact with each other.
Facilitates the process of adding information and emotional value to products.
Helps chain partners to fulfil their sustainability targets in a transparent fashion.

agriMORE is for:

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Fruit and vegetable producers and sales organisations that are looking for a direct way to tailor their products to their customers’ wishes.

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Retailers that are seeking an online platform to market new retail concepts with a view to gaining a distinctive positioning.

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Chain directors in fresh produce chains who do not want to sell bulk products and are looking for an online platform that will enable them to position their fresh products in the market in a distinctive manner.

While we are focussing on fresh produce chains with agriMORE, both the concept and the technology behind agriMORE can be used for many other (product) chains. We look forward to discussing the range of opportunities with you.